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USS McGinty DE-365

Photo courtesy Ron Carbis

The Destroyer Escort (DE) Class

The Destroyer Escort (DE) class of ship came into existence due to a need for a less expensive ocean escort vessel than those previously used by the US Navy.  The first DE keel was laid in 1942.

The DE was said to be a "trim but deadly" ship.  When opportunity provided, the DE could fulfill the mission of the destroyer by sinking enemy submarines, attacking surface ships with guns and torpedoes, and serving as convoy escorts.

After the end of World War II, the majority of destroyer escorts were decommissioned and placed in storage.  Later, they were given or sold to friendly nations, or, as is customary after a war, some were sold for scrapping.  A larger Navy ship, the Frigate class (with some carrying a helicopter) replaced the DE.

In 1975, the type name DE was discontinued by the US Navy.

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